outer limits


outer limits

frustration; a sign of a limited mind
that has reached its limitations
anything above and beyond
must be, the outer limits

The imagination soars
in a labrynith of possibilities
seeking the mystic origin
of the twighlight zone

awakened in a dream
asleep while time travels
walking through a day
never placing a foot in reality

the inner circle of thought
a sixth sense is found
gazing at the infinite horizon
the outer limits




I may have said this before; My mother always told me that, everyone gets up in the mornings, some just forget to wake up~

have a realistic day



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One thought on “outer limits

  1. Love this piece…and your informal comments after the main show…isn’t it amazing how little we use our brains? I can’t remember the percent of un-used brain capacity but I think our creator had bigger ideas for us…LOL

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