There on the shore
the sea grew evermore
as the tide came slowly in

The water level got higher
my emotions got brighter
and self control grew thin

but then the tide
began to reside
and slowly went out to sea

there was more shore
the water no more
for as far as I could see

but then again
the tide came in
and the water covered the sand

crashing waves
pounded the shore
my heart’s thumping began

higher and higher
the tide did rise
my mind became a haze

while crashing swirls
came evermore
an emotional tidal wave



ship in the desert

One of my favorite sayings, by the infamous Mr. Myagi. I drew the sketch in a matter of minutes, so it really doesn’t do the saying justice. The ship, (sunshine) is what I call my daughter, (her nickname) but the fact remains, the saying itself has a lot of wisdom to it. I felt this may go with the poem and in a week or less I will post all these lil pics with wisdom sayings together for display and collection purposes.

(click on pic to enlarge)

have an ambitious day


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2 thoughts on “emotions

  1. Indeed, we all need a sunshine ship in the desert and the freedom to allow emotional tidal waves to at least occasionally water our dry sands. Truly, the rising waves can lift us up into the sunshine we need to heal, to grow, to celebrate.

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