a bonsai of thorns

the midget cactus stood there
next to the train tracks
under blistered sun
drowning in the drought
shriveled up like raisins
as if waiting for a ride

she just turned, and was eight
set to save its life
to be the hero
with sparkling pink dress
taking stellar cellular photos
barking demands, was her super power

I, the parent
plucked and planted the cactus
according to her whimpers
in an elephant ear pot
spreading multi-colored pebbles like frosting
adding faucet rain drops

magnify glass, tweezers and lamp
surgically removing miniature thorns
from callused grown up fingers
measuring no regrets
in exchange for adolescent smiles
pondering lessons learned

passing by, a green fly swatter
in hand makes a Jedi’s sword
daring to save the planet
killing flies one smack at a time
running into the black cat
and a bonsai of thorns


how to pick up a cactus

have an excellent day


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6 thoughts on “a bonsai of thorns

  1. Yes, in order to accept humans as they are, we must “except” them from our own checklists! And how much like cactii we are! Just loved your self-confessed gardening learning curve, as well. Images? FAB!

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