the zen in me

Is zen
locked in my mind
I can’t find
without it

emotions swell
like an ocean wave
I need to be brave
and zen
gives me that

words of wisdom
that soothe my soul
when life’s strife grows
the zen in me

troubles come and go
perhaps I am enlightened
for answers are brightened
and problems
get solved, by 
the zen in me

by Art~


zen – circle

(the symbol that all things cycle)

have a zen-filled day


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11 thoughts on “the zen in me

  1. To sit within the silence and meet that inner me..I often sit and listen to the answers…. the cycles are forever coming around, we all of us have to complete the circle of Life.. Its not until we learn we see we need not go around again..

    Loved this poem ~Dreamwalker

  2. The answers that get brightened when I meditate zen-wise are the ones I know should be the first to be utilized as soon as I stand and stretch after my meditation session! It sort of feels like a jewelsmith is in there polishing off the tarnish of the truths I already know but could not see before.

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