Lao Tzu


Effort is required to become effortless. Lao Tzu, the Tao master’s spiritual enlightenment reveals the truth.

Lao Tzu once sat under a tree frustrated. He was frustrated for the fact that he had tried all that he could do but still not attained the whole. He had attained a lot, yet there was a lacking. He could not figure out what was missing.

It was autumn and as he sat frustrated under a tree, he saw a dry leaf fall slowly. The leaf was swayed by the wind. The leaf went along with wind in whatever direction it blew without the least struggle. Then when the wind stopped, the leaf slowly settled down on the earth peacefully. At that moment, something settled within Lao Tzu.

Effortlessness settled in Lao Tzu.



Knowing others is wisdom

knowing the self is enlightenment

mastering others requires force

mastering the self needs strength

May you discover the keys to your enlightenment


may your day be filled with kindness


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9 thoughts on “Lao Tzu

  1. Knowing ourselves should be so easy to do.. And yet we still struggle as we fight only ourselves.. Loved this wise entry as I do all of your wonderful Posts ..
    Blesssings sent your way… ~Sue

  2. Kindness without prior planning is the most genuine kind–spontaneously offered from one heart to another. I am feeling that gently falling leaf land right in my heart to give me such ease of spirit right now, Art.

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