fish can not strive in water that is too pure!


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I like ice in my drinks. The other day, I didn’t have any ice for my beverage and so I had to make some. In my daily hunt for zen and enlightenment, it hit me… Ice is made when water is frozen and then melts back into ice when frozen. (common knowledge) Then take that water and place it on the stove and turn up the heat and it will boil. This makes water a very adverse substance. Not to mention an element that is vital to our survival.

I always recall Bruce Lee’s wisdom to be like water, strike it and it can not be struck, water is fluid and can not be grasped, but to add to that when to pressure is on and the heat turned up do we not reach a boiling point. Not to mention we can become frozen and or in a state of meditation and motionless. And as I watch the river flow behind my house I see it flow, one way, towards it’s end.

So, for this weeks contemplation I have been dwelling on how we can learn from water. And that our minds are like a pool of water and we allow others to disrupt us like a stone tossed into the pool and the ripples disturb the still waters. It is human nature to feel and become emotional, but if we understand how it works we can control our emotions a lot better. This is a big help for me, considering where I work… a prison, where negativity runs rampant. I simply flow from morning to night, like a river and and do not allow the stones tossed at me to ripple my water or when the heat is turned up, I do not boil, and when tossed into an icy situation, I may shiver but I do not become frozen.

Life is a constant lesson… Art~


Image result for be like water

Image result for be like water

Image result for be like water



My dog. “Harley” is a black chihuahua, and it never occurred to me to not love that dog because of it’s color. There is however a yellow dog in the neighbor hood that steals the wild cat’s food and barks at every thing that moves. I don’t particularly like that dog. but it isn’t because it is yellow.






Do you have a wind sniffer? Do you have a rain closet? Do you have an ass-jack?

I was at our yearly in-service training this week and the topic of training new employees came up. There was a couple of officers that claimed they couldn’t teach the new hires because they came from pre-service with an attitude that they already know what to do. To be a mentor you must be able to teach others how to do the job and to continually check on them for up to six months to ensure they are doing the job properly. (Especially in a penitentiary)

I think the problem, lies with who is teaching, because I have never had any one tell me they already know what to do when they just started with the agency.

A wind sniffer is a dog, they get in the car, stick their head out the window and sniff the wind as the car goes down the road.

A rain closet, is a shower… a closed in area that sprays water. An ass-jack is a step stool that you step up on and it raises your ass up high enough for you to reach what ever it is your trying to reach for.

Art~ 2015

The teacher can only take pride when the student shines.


A sticker – bur doesn’t know it pricks everyone it comes into contact with.




A large horse, pulling a military wagon walked on a road, when it came upon a pigeon standing in the middle of the road. “Excuse me. but you should move. I am a military horse. I pull this wagon full of ammunition, weapons and soldiers. My job is very important.” The horse said.

“Well, I am awaiting a very urgent task. Perhaps you should go around me.” The pigeon replied.

“I don’t have time for this.” The horse snorted and charged towards the bird and the bird had no choice but to move, allowing the horse and wagon loaded with weapons and soldiers to roll by.

Just then a man reached down and picked up the pigeon, placed a note on the birds leg and tossed the pigeon into the air. The bird took flight. The soldier stood watching the bird and said, “Hurry little bird, it is very important to get that message to the front line. Reinforcements are coming, Protect the horse or the supplies won;t make it!”

By Art~ 2015


I came up with this little tale after teaching a class of OJT’s (on the job trainees) As the Armory Officer at my Unit, along with servicing weapons, caring for chemical agents,storing riot gear, radio maintenance, surveillance cameras and as “new boots” (new employees) come to work at the prison, one of my jobs is to teach them several topic, related to their job duties. While giving the lesson plan, I have found myself telling these eager new recruits that…. “All super heroes have different super powers. Just like each of us have something that we excel at. What one person is not good at, another may be proficient at. So, team work makes the dream work!”

Super Power Vocabulary List

nurse. What's YOUR super power?

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(this story reblogged from Darren Pokes …blog…Better life Coaching)

Tom was tired when he went to see his mentor Dwyer.

They sat quietly in Dwyer’s old cabin, whittling wood with their knives in front of the fireplace when Tom finally spoke up.

“I don’t know how you do it,” he said.

“Do what?” asked Dwyer.

“I don’t know how you stay motivated to help people after so many years.  I feel like giving up and I’ve hardly started.”

Dwyer smiled wryly and replied, “Can you blow out that candle for me?”

Tom did as he was asked.

“Now, can you blow out this fire?  Dwyer asked.

“Don’t be silly,” Tom replied, “Of course I can’t.”

Dwyer put down his knife and his piece of wood and looked his protege in the eye.

“When your motivation is as small as the candle’s flame, it’s easy to extinguish, but when it rages like the fire you see before you, nothing can blow it out.”


True encouragement adds; one flame can light many candles...

Candle flame! poster by Chez_Momo


The gods were once disputing whether it was possible for a living being to change its nature. 

Jupiter said “Yes,” but Venus said “No.” So, to try the question, Jupiter turned a Cat into a Maiden, and gave her to a young man for a wife. The wedding was duly performed and the young couple sat down to the wedding-feast. 

“See,” said Jupiter, to Venus, “how becomingly she behaves. Who could tell that yesterday she was but a Cat? Surely her nature is changed?”

“Wait a minute,” replied Venus, and let loose a mouse into the room. No sooner did the bride see this than she jumped up from her seat and tried to pounce upon the mouse.

“Ah, you see,” said Venus:


Moral…you can not change the stripes on a tiger



have a zen filled day


Long time ago, when people didn’t know many things about nature and that included how to eat walnuts, a walnut tree grew by the road. It might have been planted there by someone for the benefit of other travelers or it could have grown there by chance, if you believe that anything in life can happen by chance.

One day a traveler passed by. He stopped by the old walnut tree to rest in its shade. Then he noticed the green fruits and tasted one of them only to spit it out in disgust with its bitterness.

Some time after he had gone another traveler passed by. He too sat under the tree and noticed the tooth marks on the fruit the first one had bitten.“This fruit must not be very tasty,” he thought. “But everything in this world has a purpose. It must be the hard heart that is to be eaten.” And he bit the hard shell but nearly broke a tooth in the process. He too walked away hungry.

Next came a traveler with a scholarly disposition. He studied the fruit carefully, first tasting the bitter skin, then scratching the hard shell until he came up with the idea to break the shell with a stone. That was rewarded with the tasty walnut. The scholar smiled contently: “Wisdom and patience conquer all,” he thought.

Soon a businessman leading a donkey laden with his goods arrived under the tree. The scholar happily shared with him his secret.The businessman thanked him and after they had eaten loaded the donkey with walnuts for sale. He let the scholar ride the donkey as a reward for his discovery while he himself walked and rubbed his palms in anticipation of his future profit.

They traveled in silence but soon darkness fell over the road. They were worried because there wasn’t a town or village to be seen and they were afraid to spend the night in the dark forest.Suddenly the merchant saw a faint light in the distance.

“There,” he said. “I see a light!”

“But how can that faint light help us,” said the scholar. “It is so small and lonely while the forest is big, dark and threatening.

While they were arguing, the light moved closer and they saw a man carrying a lantern. That man was a philosopher who lived in a hut by a lake nearby. He took the travelers to his place to spend the night. As they entered the dark room, the small lantern pushed the scary shades in the corners. Now the room looked bright and cozy.

The inventive travelers shared with him the secret of the walnut tree.

“Well done!” said the philosopher. “Tomorrow, I’ll go and pick up some of those wonderful fruits. Then I will travel all over the world and plant a walnut tree by all roads that I pass.”

“But, then who will buy the walnuts that I am trying to sell!” said the businessman, disappointed.

“Don’t worry,” answered the philosopher. “When more people taste the walnuts from the trees by the roads they will be more likely to buy them from you in the city marketplace.”

“But what will be your reward for your labor?” asked the businessman.

“And how exactly do you plan to do it?” asked the scholar. “I mean how many walnuts will you start with and where you will plant them. Where you will start your journey will you go East, West, North or South?”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know,” answered the philosopher. “But as the light from my lantern is just enough for us to see the immediate road in front of us, my initial intention and desire will carry me perhaps to the next step on my way towards my humble goal. And if I meet someone else with a lantern, then together we will be able to see further.”



Have a zen filled day


There was a clever man in a town. The people of the town respected him much for his cleverness. There was also a fool in the same town. People didn’t like him. Nobody was allowing him to sit with them. Fe was kept at arm’s length.

Once the fool decided to see the clever man to know why is he being appreciated. He went to his house. The clever man was alone in his house.

“Sir, you are alone here . How can you spend  time by being lonely ? How can you tolerate?”  the fool asked the wise.

“you have mistaken. I was not alone here. Till your arrival I had good company” replied the wise.




I heard a really good quote while watching the “Kingsman.”





have a zen filled day



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