Shall I play ‘a mouse trap’ like Hamlet
to show you some wicked ways

It’s hard to grasp the tongue of a Dragon
with fire being bellowed in say

Words can shrill like the octave note
that breaks and shatters glass

or soothe a soul like a summer rain
or beating waves that splash

Words can mimic dogs that bark
or a constant faucet drip

They can touch you deeply in your soul
and bring a quivering lip

If you handed out your words to another
like passing out, medication

Would you be reckless or careless
in their distribution

Is it nature to whisper sweetness
into the ear of your mother

then turn and shout, critic and judge
your closes friend or neighbor

Some words stick like grains of sand
embedded under the eye lid

some words lift you to that plain
where it’s easy to forgive

Some spit words like bullets fired
uncaring of their harm

their hearts are cold and battered
anger keeps them warm

Words can come across like sandpaper
abrasive to the inner drum

or fill you with a sweet soothing melody
you uncontrollably have to hum

Words of truth can cut like a knife
be humble spoken, I plea

We are all armed with the Sword of Truth
and the Shield of Honesty