(a work in progress)

(I wrote this poem years ago and occasionally I re-vamp it. I watched these turtles on a stump and felt this urge to relay the day the turtles in some harmonious way would eventually push a turtle off the top of the log in order to make room for a new turtle and knew there was a zen story in this somewhere. There were other logs around but not quite like this one slanted log and the turtles gathered on this one stump and it reminds me of a community or socialism. I know they do not intentionally mean to push the top turtle from it’s perch but in their little feet shuffle to allow room for a new turtle to join them they inadvertently push the top turtle from its post. As I struggle for a better way to tell this tale and make this tale a zen story, I would much appreciate any input you may have.  Sometimes an extra set of eyes can see things more clearly~ (~_*) bows humble)

Rippled water slapping lightly
against a protruding stump, close to shore.

One end sloped into the river,
the log gradually rose upward, more and more.

A row of turtles bask in the sun
on this log, there is no more room.

A turtle swam up to this log
and began to crawl up the ‘ramp’ side, and soon…

each turtle inched upward, pushing more and more
to make some room for their brother-en.

Bumping, stepping, tiny feet shuffling,
each shell ‘clanking,’  nudging and ‘scraping!’

Side stepping at this gathering
toe to toe, shell against shell and their long necks rose.

Till finally the turtle that’s at the top is nudged to a dive
in the water it plopped with an outstreatched nose

Rippled water splashing loudly
near this stump close to shore, turtles grinning.

Up to the log this turtle came swimming.
Starting back up, the ramp, a new beginning.