Once upon a time…. there were three baby birds living in a nest.  The momma bird had flown off to get lunch and the baby birds were playing when one fell out of the nest. The other two looked at each other, “oh no,” they thought. Well just about that time the baby bird came back  flapping its wings and landed back in the nest. The other two were amazed, well the one that fell said “I can fly…see, ” and jumped out, flew around and flew back in to the nest. It wasn’t long and  he was able to get another baby bird to jump out and try to fly and now two baby birds flew around the nest playing and flying. They tried to get the last baby bird to jump out of the nest but it would not and momma came back, fed them, they got sleepy and went to sleep.

Later they woke up and the two that flew immediately went to playing and flying around, but one bird wouldn’t. The two baby birds that flew, called the one baby bird “chicken” and teased ’em, constantly. It was as if the more they ordered the other bird to fly, the more determined the baby bird was not to fly. For days they couldn’t get him to fly, taunting and teasing didn’t help, it just made it worse.

One day, a dog was chasing the two baby birds that could fly. They were flying as fast as they could but they were still new to flying and eventually the dog  knocked one of them down. Well, the baby bird in the nest (that hadn’t flown) saw this and flew straight down and nipped at the dog on the head till his brother had gotten to safety. All three baby birds swiftly flew to the nest. They were scared but safe and the bird that was saved, said to the baby bird who hadn’t flown before, “Thank You! I didn’t think you could fly?”.

And the baby bird that saved him said. “Well, I figured I could if you could, I just never saw the need to till now.”

(morale to the story: sometimes the more you tell someone to do something, the more they are inclined to rebel and not do what you asked. You shouldn’t make someone do something they do not want to. They will when they are absolutely ready.) This is a zendictive original and I would appreciate any input/criticism to make this story better.