(I drew this tiger on computer with paint program some years back. I came across it and felt compeled to add this to the blog so I mixed it with a poem I wrote a long time ago and felt it some-what fit)


The Tiger is known for its strength,
It is fierce to great length.
Stealth and cunning is its way.
Everything is its prey.

The Dragon has wisdom that is unmatched.
Its body a weapon from tail to its scratch.
Instilling fear as it draws near.
The wisest on this earthly sphere.

The Crane has grace like no other.
While it fly’s, it’s wings slightly flutter.
It is known for balance and stance,
and it’s beautiful at a glance.

These are the things to imitate,
For each offers something great.
As you make it through your day.
Call on these to guide your way.