I saw a praying mantis sitting on a park bench

I sat next to it, we watched the sun set

we had a conversation, I talked, it was a good listener


A praying mantis was standing a-top a fence post overlooking a field when a cow passed by. “Wow, you are really big,” the mantis said to the cow.

“Are you calling me fat?” The cow replied with a huff.

“Not at all,” the Mantis replied. But the cow strutted off offended. A few minutes later a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (bird/woodpecker) landed on the fence post next to the praying mantis. “Oh my, you have a yellow belly,” the mantis said in earnest.

“Are you saying I’m afraid,” the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker chattered, “You calling me ‘yellow?’ I’ll have you know I am as brave as any other creature out here. I am not a chicken you know,” and the woodpecker flew off in a huff.

The mantis gathered its thoughts and went back to watching the sun set when a hound dog walked by in the grass below. “Hello,” the mantis said politely. The mantis thought about its word carefully then said, “What a lovely nose you have.”

“You saying I am nosy?” The hound dog barked, “You think I put my nose where it doesn’t belong. You don’t even know me, how can you say such a thing?” The dog barked and then ran off offended.

The mantis sat and the watched the sunset, contemplating the events that had just occurred and ‘perhaps’ that is why, to this day, the praying mantis is silent.

(moral: sometimes people take what you say the wrong way. Reflecting their own inner ‘inhibitions’ and becoming defensive when in fact you were merely stating the obvious. It would seem the wise zen masters that say very little may have a deeper purpose for their silence) (grin)

(this story has been brewing for about a week now (grin) I would appreciate any input, suggestions or criticism to make it better, an original tale by Art~)

(thanking~ Brio Keegan for the idea of a yellow-belly (~_*)