There was a farmer who had a horse that he claimed could do math. If the farmer asked the horse, “what is two plus two?” The horse would stomp it’s hoof four times. If the farmer asked the horse” what is five minus two,” the horse would stomp its hoof three times. This horse could  get 99 percent of the math questions right.

News travels fast and it wasn’t long before people began coming from all around to see this horse add and subtract with such great accuracy. The farmer would even charge a small fee due to the fact it was keeping him from his farming.

One day a professor from the local university came to see this phenomenon and was truly impressed how accurate the horse was. The professor offered the farmer a large amount of money to study this horse for scientific purposes. The humble farmer agreed to do this once the crops were in and work died down.

Fall came and the farmer brought this horse to the university where they instantly began studying this mathematical horse. They would ask the farmer a question and the farmer would ask the horse and the horse would stomp its hoof with an answer. They did adding and subtracting. They began doing multiplications and division and found there was a weakness. The horse began to show that it could only do simple math.

The professor was standing in front of the horse and explained that the horse was not that smart. It couldn’t do a simple multiplication like five times five, and the horse tapped its hoof twenty times. From then on the professor asked the questions and amazingly the horse could give the correct answer.

After a long study of the horse they come to the conclusion that the horse couldn’t do math at all. The horse could read body language. The horse was so acute to watching facial expressions that it could tell when the person was expecting the horse to stop stomping its hoof. The farmer took the horse home and he still made a few extra dollars showing off the horses abilities.

(the same is true for all creatures including humans. We can tell when something is wrong with another by facial expressions and physical movements. We merely have to pay attention and we could possibly give another the answer they are expecting.) (~_*)