japanese koi fish tattoo designs 434

There was a fish swimming around when a worm dangled before it and it could not resist such an easy meal and took the worm into its mouth. The next thing the fish knew it was being dragged through the water and no matter how hard it fought to get away, it continued to be dragged, till it was uplifted into the air. The fish prayed for help, that was when it was hoisted into the heavens and there before it was a God. This God took the hook out of the fishes mouth and released it back into the water.

The fish swam away as fast as it could and the more it thought about the event the more curious the fish became. It decided to go and speak with the wisest of the water creatures and that was the turtle. He told the turtle what had happened and asked the turtle, “please tell me, how can I become a god?” The fish had saw the world above the water and thought it was beautiful and the power the gods must have. The fish was convinced that that was what he wanted to become.

The wise turtle told the fish that he too had been captured by theses gods called humans and that he was taken to their universe called ‘city’ and as much as the humans examined him, he examined the humans. At the university he learned that these humans come from star dust and they rule the land above the water.

Well the fish was so impressed by the humans that from that point on he did all he could to become one. He began trying every night to eat star dust. From under water, looking up, stars appear to be right on the surface so that is why fish hit the top of the water every night. Their attempt to become gods, trying to snack on a star so that they can live in the universe called ‘city.’

by Art~

(morale: Often times we become entranced with the idea of becoming someone or something else that we forget to be ourselves.) (~_*)

another original zen tale that I am creating and would appreciate any suggestions, comments or criticism to make this story better, thank you ~