There were two waring Kings that took their armies to battle and on the battle field they faced each other, while their soldiers slayed one another in numbers. The White King eventually became the victor by running his sword through the Blue King, killing him.

The Blue King died and went to heaven. While he approached the pearly gates he met Saint Peter. Saint Peter told the Blue King that, “all he has to do to enter heaven was spell one word.”

“What word is that?” The Blue King asked.

“Forgiveness,” Saint Peter said.

“That’s easy… F, O,R,G,I,V,E,N,E,S,S,” The Blue King spelled forgiveness and the pearly gates opened and the King entered. After a few days of doing the things one does when they get to heaven, the King asked, “What do I do in heaven?”

“Simply give others a short break from their duties,” Saint Peter replied. The Blue King began by giving Saint Peter a 30 minute break so that he could go eat. When Saint Peter left the King at the pearly gates a shadow formed outside the gates and slowly a figure emerged. It was the White King, that had slain the Blue King. The White King saw the Blue King and immediately began to apologize for killing the Blue King.

“How do I get these gates open?” The White King asked the Blue King.

“Simple,” the Blue King began, “All you have to do is spell one word.”

“What word is that?” The White King asked.

The Blue King then said, “Antidisestablishmentarianism.”


(I suspect the Blue King needs a few more lessons on forgiveness)(grin)