is when one builds a solid foundation

using the bricks

that has been thrown at them


I would like to share a zen story by Brio Keegan,

his blog post, dedicated to Zendictive, is a wonderful zen story, called;

The Ungrateful Traveler

bows (~_~) humble


 another post that was dedicated to/inspired by Zendictive…

(bows (~_~) humble)

from… Caffeine for the Creative Soul

“Shine a Light from Within”

Tim’s art work is enchanting and mixed with literary wisdom and I strongly urge anyone to scroll around this blog and bask in the richness of Tim’s witty way! …..(~_~)


sharing is what it is all about;

Everything good that I know was taught to me by great people and I feel like giving back and sharing is the thing to do.