An American Indian fable tells of a time when the sun beat down on the earth for so long that the Indians cursed the sun. For many days the sun’s hot rays scorched and dried the earth to the point that the Indians shouted to the sun, “Go away!” Shaking their fist in the air at the sun and praying that the sun would not come again. So, the sun became angry and decided not to pass over the earth ever again.

After many days in the cold darkness the Indians then wished the sun would come again and shed its light once more, to warm the earth with its rays. But, how do they get a message to the sun. They asked the eagle if he would fly to the sun and ask for forgiveness but the eagle refused. That was when the rooster volunteered. The rooster was suspecting that it would soon be eaten by the Indians so this was a way to get away and perhaps gain respect from the Indians.

The rooster made its way to the sun and asked the sun to return, telling the sun how sorry the Indians were that they had scorned the sun and that they did not wish to live in darkness and that they would never again ask the sun to go away. The rooster explained that the Indians had learned their lesson. But the suns feelings were hurt and refused to pass over the earth ever again.

“Okay,”replied the rooster and went to leave when he turned and stated that it was very dark and that the cougar was on the prowl. The rooster let the sun know that it would probably not make it in the dark and asked the sun to promise that it would come to the roosters aid if he crowed. The rooster had gained the suns respect and the sun said that it promised it would come to its aid if he heard the rooster call for help. The rooster then left and went a little ways, then hid. The rooster then began to cock-a-doodle-do and the sun came looking for the rooster to help him. But the rooster was well hid and the sun passed over him. There-fore, every morning the rooster crows and the sun comes.


(moral: be careful what you wish for)