There was a man who had gotten a dog. He decided that he would teach the dog to retrieve the newspaper every morning so that he would not have to. For weeks the man took the dog outside every morning, placed the newspaper in the dogs mouth and then had the dog follow him inside to the kitchen table where he would then sit, take up a cup of coffee, then take the newspaper from the dog, open it and read it. Weeks went by doing this very task.

One day the Man woke up, let the dog out and went to make his morning coffee. The dog came running into the kitchen with the newspaper in its mouth, wagging its tail. The man took the newspaper from the dog and then spanked the dog with the newspaper because it had holes from the dogs teeth and slobber on it.

(patience is a tool that is needed in many aspects of our lives. I often see parents scolding their kids for nothing more than the fact the parent had little or no patience. I understand that one should not judge another unless you’ve walked a day in their shoes but I also bet that this dog does not bring the newspaper to the kitchen again) (~_~)

we must exercises our compassion for ignorance.


by Art~