Taming the Painted Mind

“I wish to understand my mind!”
He held high the skull of the buffalo,
wearing a wolf pelt over his head,
standing in the tall grasses waving flow.

“Great Spirits I plea…
I wish to learn about the man inside me.”
Thunder Hawk yelled across the plains,
then he saw something, hard to see.

A man in bleached white buckskins walked
slow and steady in trail and stride
beside a painted pony.

man and horse side by side.

They walked straight up, to Thunder Hawk,
the Indian in white handed him the reins.
“This is your mind!” the elderly Indian said,
Thunder Hawk’s silence remain.

The Man in white walked away
Thunder Hawk thanked him, waved
and bid him good day.
Looked at his gift, he received this day.

The painted pony rared and whinnied
lashed it’s legs out as to fight
pulled at the reins
that Thunder Hawk held tight.

Pulling and tugging relentlessly
Thunder Hawk became angry
with the constant battle
and let go of the Painted Pony.

The Horse became calm and stood there
Thunder hawk was relieved
to see the Horse at ease
each looking at the other, un-trusting.

He reached to take the reins
and the painted pony began to spin,
raring, pulling and tugging
Thunder Hawk let the reins go free again.

The painted pony calmed
Thunder Hawk, letting this soak in.
He slowly approached the Horse
reached gently with his hand, rubbing.

They tell of a brave that rides the plains
on a horse, fast as the wind.
His mind is like his spirited painted pony
in the land where the red river ends.


by Art~


(moral: sometimes we wrestle with our thoughts, becoming more aggravated and allow emotions to overwhelm us. This poems purpose was to show how it is better to just let it go, don’t fight with it, simply embrace it and go with the flow)