~~~fishing for zen~~~

“Reel ’em in.”
“I am.”

“Get the net!”

“Got ’em?”

“What’s it say?” a black bass is raised into the air.

The man peers at the markings on the side of the bass. He raises his sunglasses for a better look.

“I can’t make it out!”
“Let me see!” Two guys in a boat looking at the side of the bass, reading!

“I think this one says…WHY!”

“Well, what in tar nation does that mean?”

“I don’t know!” the bass is released back into the water. The two begin fishing again. One of them catches a fish immediately. The fishing pole bends violently as a splash comes from the waters surface. The man continues to reel.

“Get the net!”

“Reel ’em in”
“I am.”

“Got ’em.” Pulling a fish from the net and holding it up. Two men look along the side of the fish. The black zig zag design of a southern black bass.

Yep, looks like it says …ASK!” The fish is thrown back. The two begin casting.

“Why and Ask! what does that mean?” one man asked.
“I aint sure, …Why Ask! Perhaps we need more words?”

“I think we should ask the question again and fish for the answer!.”

“Holy toledo batman, I got one. Get the net.”
“Reel ’em in.”

“I am.”
“I got ’em.” The man holds the fish up and the two of them read the side of the black bass. The checkered design slightly appears to be jumbled words.

“Yep, it looks like it says…WHY!”

“Why…again!” the bass is released into the water.

“Why ask Why! Do you think that is the answer?”
“I suppose! You want to try again?”

“Sure,” the man stands up and takes his hat off and looks to the sky. “God, we are just a couple men wanting to know the meaning of life and why we are here. Well …we’re just a couple men fishing for answers.” The man sat down and started casting again.

“You think he heard you?” One man asked the other.

“It’s worth a try?” The other man replies, then goes back to fishing.

“I got one.”

“Reel ’em in.”

“I am. Get the net.”
“Okay, I got ’em.” The man holds the fish up and the two men read the side of the bass.

“Yep, it looks like it says…’WHY!” The fish is released.


by Art~


(Just a humorous write on how mankind looks for answers in the strangest of places. While I was fishing one day, I noticed how the markings on the side of a bass almost could be a word. However they more resemble the up and down lines on a heart monitor.)

Why Ask Why?

~~~~~the key to tranquility is acceptance~~~~~

It is the nature of mankind to search for answers and question everything.

~have a quality day~