~~Cometh the Wild~~

Thunder that rumbles across a cloudless sky
is the sound of an ancient, wild and free pride
that which creates wind
on a windless day
is coming
they’re coming
they are coming this way!

Beating the earth in a drumming sound
hundreds of poundings, pounding the ground
as frisky as a spring day
in unison they bray
yes coming
they are coming this way

Mane in the wind created by flight
massive muscles, moving of strength and might
herd of the many, the local and strays
gather together on gathering day
they’re coming
yes, coming
wild horses, coming this way.


by Art~


(My mother use to tell me stories of how she, her brother and her sister (my aunt and uncle) were raised on an Indian reservation. They would be in the hills and hear the wild horses coming. They would run and hide  in an old abandon car for safety till they passed. She said it sounded like being in the middle of a thunder storm.)