Snow colored feathers over feathers
in chilly wind weather
On a noiseless flight,
talons of strength and might
stained by age
and by death
survival justifies its right.

A drift on a drifting sightless current
harmony in wings, filtering air fluid
a kite of stealth on a death ride
white wisdom’s descent, a mystical glide
by Athena
and by Minerva
a warriors skills are not pride.

Wings fold, cup and cover
hooked beak stabbing in hover
zero visibility without a sun
prey rarely sees the hunter come
by feasting on death
a living process
an owl’s lament is night’s wisdom

by Art~

(Yesterday, my wife told me she saw a hawk flying away. She then noticed a tail, a squirrels tail and realized the hawk was flying away with a squirrel in its talons. I dug up this poem that I had written a long time ago. I was thinking how harsh life is for animals and how, we are all animals)