In the Movie (series), Kung Fu, I recall the tale of the three boys. They were sent to the lake and told to wait. There they would encounter an event and were to come back and report what they had seen. So, the three boys (one of them being, Grasshopper ) went to the lake, along the shore and they waited.

A man came to the shore on the opposite side of the lake, (river or pond) and began to set up for fishing. Just then another man ‘snuck’ up from behind him and subdued him. This robber, had his arm around this fisherman’s neck until the fisherman fell to the ground and lay still. The robber began to go through the fisherman’s pockets till he pulled out a pouch. He lifted it up, shook it, it jingled and the robber then went behind a bush.

A moment went by, the three boys were ‘rattled.’ Just then from the opposite end of this bush that the robber had gone behind came out a peacock. Around this peacocks neck was the pouch that the robber had taken. The peacock strutted around for a few minutes then left. The three boys quickly ran back to the monastery to report such an incident.

The three boys came running up to the monastery excited. They were all three blabbering about this event at the same time to their Master. The Master told the boys to calm down and instructed the boys to tell what they saw one at a time. The first boy stated that he saw a robber kill a man then went behind a bush and turned into a big bird.

The second; reported that a fisherman was attacked by another man whom went into a bush and came out the other side as a peacock with the coin pouch around the birds neck. Finally, Grasshopper stated that a man was beginning to fish when another man came up from behind him and overtook the fisherman. This man went through his clothes and came out with a pouch. This robber then went behind a bush and out the other side came a peacock. The peacock had the pouch around its neck.

The boys were still excited about what had happened and was insisting that someone go and check on this fisherman. When the Master pointed to show that the fisherman and the robber were standing behind them. “This was a lesson on reasoning.” The Master said. The boys were a tad-bit confused. “Do you see how all three of you saw the same incident and yet all three of you reported something differently? Each of you came to different conclusions.”

The Master smiled as the boys began to understand that what they had experienced was a test. “You,” The Master pointed at one boy, “A man cannot turn into a bird.” Then the Master turned to the second boy, “And you… how do you know there were coins in the pouch?” The Master then looked at Grasshopper. “Did this man overtake another man? Or simply put his arm around him and lean into his ear and whisper, “Lay down?” Was there a struggle?” The Master then instructed the boys to go and think about what they had experienced, for the lesson was now over.

You should have seen the look on Grasshoppers face!


(morale; we all see things differently and our emotions strangle us from absorbing every detail of what we are observing. The mind begins to speculate and elaborate, mixed with feelings of remorse, envy, anticipation, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, joy and more that cloud our thought process. Law Enforcement uses the ‘photo moment’ to recall situations. To allow themselves to simply record mentally what is happening at a particular time with snap shot mental images so they can recall them later. This works well but they still seem to have two different perspectives from two different officers when they make out their reports.)

I did the best I could to recall the story from a movie series that was out in what? The 70’s! I am sure that someone else may recall this scene a little differently (grin) and as always I welcome any input or another’s observation of this movie’s Zen-Tale. I had gotten into a conversation the other day with a co-worker about how you can read a book, then go back and re-read the same book and get something totally different out of it. I assume this is in part tied in with our emotions, our mind set, speed reading or hanging on every word. The conversation was about the Bible and how so many different interpretations come from its literature.