Enlightenment’s Trek
by Art

In a candles glow I awoke

Beseech thee wisdom
or find comfort in none
my trek begun

I Climbed
trebled thoughts

I Swam
pools of tears

I Dredched
self limitations

inner turmoil

Journeyed across
a cerebrum plane

Sailed the seas
of my memory

Marched thru the knowledge
of my own retainment

I knocked at the Sage’s door
my heart’s pounding

I found harmony
in the pools of my mind

I found tranquility
in exceptance

Found wisdom in the wind
of my own breath

Enlightenment was in sight
when I closed my eyes

My hunger and thirst yearned
passion and desire

Fulfillment urged me
to step into the future

Armed with a sword and shield
truth and honesty

To continue…
Enlightenment’s trek