a womens right to fight the bear (struggles strengthen the soul)

I was having a discussion with a fellow employee. Telling him a zen-tale or two when he told me of a course he and his wife had taken. (Marriage counseling, philosophy, parenting, I really don’t recall what class it was) But the subject had come out like this;

If he and his wife were out camping and a big bear came into their camp. Would He, being the male, fight the bear to allow his wife the ability to escape. Of course he answered ‘Yes,’ he would fight the bear and or distract it in order to allow her the chance to get away.

Then it was put to him that he had just taken away her ~right to fight the bear.~ He had stripped her of equality, pampered her, shielded her from making her own choices and or fighting her own battles. Each of us have the choice to fight in order to survive or lay down and call it quits. If you shield someone long enough they will never learn to fend for themselves.

So, I had to ask, “So what do you do? Allow the wife to fight the bear while you run like the wind?” Well no, you can help her fight the bear or stand back in case she needs your help. (gotch’ your back) Of course this man then told me that from now on it will be a foot race to see who can run faster, now that he has learned this. So, is chivalry is dead? Not at all, this reminds me of the post… Obstacles!


…..Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If nature allowed us to go through life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as we could have been And we could never fly……


Then I read this article and had to add it to the post….

Fudge has his owner’s right hook to thank for saving him from a black bear.Michael Penn/Juneau Empire 


It started out as a typical evening for 22-year-old Brooke Collins. She let her dogs out as usual but this time, she said there was a black bear outside who took hold of her dachshund Fudge. She said she feared for her pet’s life and, in an instant, ran over and punched the bear right in the face to make it let go.

(link to the article below pic)


Women can fight bears. She cole-cocked a black bear right in the snout to save her weiner… dog! I applaud her courage. For courage is not the absence of fear but rather doing what needs to be done in the presence of fear.

I’m old fashioned and will probably always jump in and wrestle the alligator, fight the bear, volley with the wolves and or step in if a woman is being mugged or attacked. I’m sure that the point of ‘ a woman’s right to fight the bear’  stems from the point that we should allow others to deal with their own strife and struggles in order to make them stronger. While always being there to protect and serve. (grin)


This is an interesting topic to me and would love to hear your views on this concept.