Keno walked up to the Zen Master’s quarters and was greeted by the teacher’s aide whom instructed Keno to wait and he would let the Zen Master know that Keno had arrived. Keno was uncertain why the Master had called for him but he was eager to meet with him.

A few minutes had passed and Keno was already growing impatient. He began to pace back and forth on the porch. He did not want to appear overly anxious so he sat down but he then began to fidget with his fingers and his leg bounced slightly up and down nervously. Keno looked all around and tried to keep his thoughts occupied but he just kept thinking, ‘what’s taking so long.’

Finally the Zen Master’s aide came out and called for Keno to come in. Keno went into the teacher’s quarters and bowed to his teacher who with a wave of his hand offered Keno a place to sit. “The reason I called for you this evening is, I wish for you to make me a bowl of your fine soup.” The Zen Master pointed to the kitchen area where everything was laid out for him.

“I would be honored,” Keno replied and immediately went to the kitchen and began preparing the soup. He began boiling the water, slicing the vegetables, adding the seasoning and stirring them together. Keno made a fine bowl of soup and brought it to the Zen Master and set it before him. Keno bowed and awaited his Masters words.

“How long did you have to wait outside, Keno?” The Zen Master asked.

“Perhaps, almost an hour?” Keno replied.

“And how long did it take you to cook this fine bowl of soup?” The Zen Master asked.

“Oh, I am not sure… perhaps 30 minutes.” Keno said.

The Zen Master pulled his arm sleeve up to expose his new watch. It took you an hour to make the soup and you waited outside for exactly 30 minutes. What does that tell you about time? The teacher asked.

“That I have not yet mastered time,” Keno replied.


(Time is a constant, it is the mind that gets lost in time or can hang on every Milli-second. The master of time lives life in every moment, every breath and every second. Rather than getting lost in time, they embrace the moment and live in that timed frame of life.)

~~~~~~~~~~~Food for thought~~~~~~~~

(TIME  may not be manipulated (with our current knowledge) but our awareness of times fundamentals can be a factor for one’s ability to feel every minute of life, rather than live a life and wonder, “where did the time go!”)

(I read ‘something’ the other day… (I will try and find it to give credit to that persons wise words and recall it correctly)….


                                 If you were to take a softball and throw it into the air, spinning and allow it to fall and catch it. Think of the ball as the earth and its life-time, spinning through space and time. Now imagine how short a life you must have lived on that ball in comparison.