The Liebster Blog Award

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In this internet world I suppose it begins with a single click. And like any journey, you never know who you will meet along the way or the places the journey will take you. It is not the destination as much as the journey itself.

Me? I started this blog, Zendictive, as a place to store a notebook full of zen stories and poetry that I have collected over the years. I began collecting them when I had the martial arts studio, Inner Spirit Martial Arts, (2000-2003). I would tell a story a day, (they became popular) so I learned quickly that I needed to gather a lot of inspirational (zen-tales) short stories to satisfy these hungry minds. I even began creating my own and on this journey, I have found myself here, blogging.

The people I have met HERE have been tremendously inspirational. I had no idea that people would come and read these stories like they have. And the poetry is getting a better viewing than I could have ever asked for (my passion writes). I simply wanted to place these written gems where they might have a chance to touch another soul as deeply as they have me and I am overwhelmed at the response and humbled.

yesterday,  Friday Oct, 7, 2011,  I noted a comment on the post, 

‘water off a ducks back,’ by Janece,  (stating,)

Left you something on my blog today :)

so, naturally I went to Janece’s blog…


The Oct 7th 2011 post …Folks in the Road,  Janece honored five bloggers with the …Liebster Blog Award!

Zendictive was one of the five.     ~~ Bows (~_~) humble~~ I am honored~

 Thank You Janece.

along with;

Robin Hawke;,

Mouse’s House;

Soul Fragments.,  

Embrace & Evocative

and Zendictive:,

thank you!

bows… (~_~)~


I have been handed the opportunity to pass the award to five other bloggers who have less than 200 subscribers. This is harder than pulling teeth from a chicken. So, I lower my head and contemplate the task and have chosen these five who inspire and motivate me. I pass this award to…

Warrior Poet Wisdom, the first person to befriend me on wordpress. I found his blog by searching with my son for some writings that interested both of us. (when I first found wordpress) Miro, has poems Featuring Star Wars pictures and heros which attracted my son. But as I read on and on in his blog I realized how much I was reading myself in so many ways. The ‘way of the peaceful  warrior’ having a generous heart (donating his hair for childrens charity) remaining passive till the time comes to have to defend one’s family, friends, country or self. Miro recently published a book of poetry(Warrior Poet Wisdom Vol. I; Peace.

To Miro, I bow ( ~_~) humble.


I go daily with a cup of coffee in hand to see what timcoffeyart  Caffeine for the Creative soul! Tim has created each day. His pictorial wisdom inspires so many with his witty art work on his blog…If you have never visited Tim’s blog, do so, you are in for a treat. He mixes drawings with witty words of wisdom that are always inspirational and or adorable.

To Tim, bows (~_~) humble


Old Jules has a blog called; So Far From Heaven… I was attracted to his site by his whimsical country charm and a post on how country folk should raise their fingers at each other. Hilarious and so down to earth. ‘Texas Thumbs and Finger Signs’ is as country as it gets, honest and pure hearted people are the jewels of the world these days.

To Jules,… thumbs up


John Weeren and his blog, About Zen, inspires me daily. John posts everyday and everyday he has a different ZEN sentences, stories and or short poems that enriches the zen practitioner and anyone who wants to be enlightened about living a pure life.

To John …I bow


N. Williams, Shining City On The Hill, Nathan has a page on his blog for; 25 Ways to Become a Better Writer. Lord knows I make mistakes, alot, and need all the help I can get. But, Nathan is a political critic, poet, accomplished author and versatile writer that is inspired by life. shares his talent with class. His intellect shines in his posts and his passion for the Arts is inspirational and enlightening.

To Nathan…bows (~_~) humble


There are so many here that support me, read my posts and inspire me in so many ways. In short this award is for them all. Now, for the five listed above.

As always, there’s a few “rules” that go along with this..if you can get to it.  They are:

  1. Thank the blogger that gave you the award AND create a link back to their blog.
  2. Leave a comment on the blogs you have chosen.
  3. Post the award on your own blog.


Thanks again  Janece, for this opportunity and HONOR. I pass this award to these five with humble intentions.


This is awesome, I take this as an early birthday present

since my birthday is Tomorrow, Sunday,

Any day above ground is a good one.