I remember running, leaping, flying,
falling and rolling  
when I was young
and did not know, gravity existed

Yesterday, I awoke
raised my head ‘up’ from the pillow
and it seemed heavier
It could be knowledge I have gained,

weighing heavy on my mind

Then it hit me;
I just had a birthday,
a gravitational upgrade

Instead of asking how old one is
we could simply ask
how many gravity upgrades have you had

Add an ounce of gravitational pressure
every year, it is so clear, why so few
make it to be one-hundred

It really seems to reason
why older folk are so bent over
that is a lot of gravitational pressure
to endure while walking

I suppose the main reason we do not
use this type of measurement for age
it just doesn’t sound right,
“Happy Gravitational upgrade day”


by Art~


I have heard it said that when you reach fifty, your over the hill. So, I presume this means that today, I am directly on top of the mountain. At the summit, the peak, and it is all down hill from here! (yeah, right!)

October 9th, 2011


have an excellent day!