be the blue,

grateful traveler


shine a light from within

allow me to address these…

(I go nearly everyday, searching for inspiration. You never know where you might find it. The other day I was walking, looking for inspiration and found it at my feet, in a rock, (coming soon) but for this blog/post, here are three posts inspired by zendictive. I hope you enjoy them as much as I.)


Cemetary Gates (blog)

~be the blue~

drew a picture using a zendictive poem,

it is awesome… thanks , Michael Chadwick

check it out…


Inspired by this poem

The Smallest Flower

by Art~

bows (~_~) humble


 also ‘zendictive’ inspired

(previously mentioned on sharing)


Bro Keegan…

loudest heartbeat” (blog post)

~~the ungrateful-traveler~~



Tim Coffey

Caffeine for the Creative Soul (blog/post)



…… is all about sharing……..

Have a Zen-Full Day