A young squirrel had strayed from the nest in its playfulness, not yet wise to the ‘ways of the world’ and wasn’t watching for all the dangers. A large Hawk flying above saw the little squirrel, in its stealthy flight swooped down and picked the little squirrel up then began carrying it off for a mid-day meal.

The young squirrel struggled to get free but the hawk clung tightly as it flapped its large wings to gain altitude. Finally the squirrel reached up and bit the hawk in the leg hard enough that the hawk released the little squirrel.

The squirrel plummeted to the earth and landed in a stream. The current was very strong as the little squirrel swam to shore. It soon realized that it had fallen on the wrong side of the stream from its home. The squirrel leaped back in the water to swim across but the strong current just wisped the young squirrel down stream even farther without the squirrel making any head way across the stream. The squirrel got back to the shore and crawled out. Wet, saddened, tired and spent the squirrel simply sat, gathering its thoughts, resting.

The squirrel began to hear whimpering and sobbing. It stood up and walked a short distance into the wilderness and found a large brown bear, sitting and crying. The squirrel noticed that the large creature had some porcupine quills stuck in the bottom of its foot. The young squirrel negotiated with the bear that it would remove the quills if the bear promised to not eat it, and the bear agreed so the squirrel removed the porcupine quills from the bears paw.

The bear was grateful and listened while the squirrel told the bear how it had come to be on this side of the stream. How the little squirrel couldn’t swim to the other side and get home. The big brown bear rose up and walked over to the stream that was not that wide, yet had a very strong current. The bear found a tree and began pushing on the tree till it finally gave and fell so that it made a bridge across the stream. The squirrel was thankful and the bear as well, the squirrel scampered across the tree and ran home. A bridge across troubled waters. 

by Art~


(moral: sometimes the people we meet in life can provide a bridge over ‘our’ troubled waters. What is so hard for one may be easy for another and mutually helping one another is how bonds and friendships are made that last a life-time)

~~have a quality day~~