An Ode to the Doves of Lovelady grove

The sinking sun tickled tall timbered pines
cues a Dove to sing a song without rhyme.
Carrying her cries across a lazy green meadow
a breeze that blows by Lovelady Grove’s widow.

Sitting on the front porch in a bench swing
a Lady alone with thoughts and her dreams.
Wrapped in her past and humming a tune
swinging and gazing at the slow rising moon.

Paired partners fly and unite out of love
one will survive and become a solo dove.
Every evening she sings her lonely song
nestled in the forest till her days are gone.

Patiently she waits as her loneliness grows
an Ode to the Doves of Lovelady Grove.




(give your love a hug, for they may not always be there)

have a great day!