The Tremendous Power of Attitude

Psychologists have always told us that attitudes can influence results. Two scientists decided to conduct an experiment to find out if attitudes could affect seeds. Two identical cans were taken. Into each was poured soil and fertilizer of same quality and quantity, and 23 seeds were dropped into each can. They were both placed in a greenhouse so that they could have the same conditions of weather and temperature.

There was only one variable in the experiment, all other things being the same. Everyday, the two scientists came to the greenhouse, and standing before the first can, poured into it all the negativism of which they were capable. They said to the seeds, “You are good for nothing. Nothing is ever going to come out of you, and even if something comes out, it is not going to last,” and so on and so forth.

Then they came and stood in front of the second can and poured into it all the positivism of which they were capable. “You are so wonderful,” they said to the seeds, “and you are going to show wonderful results. It will be a sight to see what is coming out of you,” and so on and so forth.

This was repeated thrice a day for three weeks. At the end of three weeks, the scientists found that while there came forth only two or three shoots of grass, out of the first can, out of the second can, there came forth whole strands of grass, so strong that they could clutch it and lift up the entire can with its soil and fertiliser.


(moral: If this is what attitude can do to seeds what can it do to tender children? I think all will agree that harsh words tends to put a wall between that which is yelling and that which does not want to hear it, remember… you can catch more bee’s with honey and kind words)

Serve your words softly, they are easier to chew

have an inspirational day