wind dancer

A tree limb twists,
turns and reaches out
like a hand
wanting nothing
more than
to dance in the sunshine,
is constantly
twisting side to side

racing for their lives
rolling leaves
thunder in a marathon
to a breezing beat
some are captured
tangling with shrubs
wrestling to get free

colorful clouds rock
drift by in flocks
like giant birds of paradise
with fixed wings
sail by
dissolving like Ghosts
as more appear

white swirls
over the pond
little laps of water
brushed like a song
in tempo

the bark
of tall timbers
like towering sentry’s
sway and wave
tossing limbs
like attention ‘getters’
whispering when
it is coming
long before you feel it
embrace you

The guardian,
all that is uplifted
by its prance
like a falling acorn
that bounces on blades
of rich green grass
and lay
dying to live

Which will one day grow
and reach out
to the sunshine
and it too
will be a…
wind dancer


by Art~


have an inspirational day!