Cast upon an ocean of white, I write
glass words, reflective and transparent.
There is no hiding the note I tone
caught in the current, life.

Bottled up inside my journey
reading others as they drift by.
Feeling the emptiness of my void
save a page of cursive thoughts.

Ascending and descending
like a bottle shaped all wrong.
Focused on being tossed about
on an aimless ride upon life’s swells.

Engulfed in the raging silence
of the sun and stars guidance.
The winds, a steering push by friends.
Weathering blue still waters and storms.

Filling droplets of life, patiently await
submerged in fear of allowing them in
for that which uplifts my vessel,
can also sink me.

Castaway, marooned in my dreams
an ocean of endless possibilities.
Until, embracing tidal sands bury me
and this time-capsule’s voyage ends.

May I not kiss jagged rocks fate
but land softly upon a paradise shore.
Where a finger’s touch opens me,
a bottle of poetry.


by Art~


may you sail through this day with-out obsticles nor storms