Going forward, backwards

I never feel like I am going against the grain

when I go north to town or when I head south to go home.

Forward is east and backwards is west,

it is where I was just moments ago

on this giant ball

spinning through our solar system.

Perhaps we are Gia’s fleas

and are not particular of what we ride

only thankful that we have yet to be scratched off.

Like riding in an automobile

or on a train

after awhile we settle into the constant motion.

I suppose that’s why baby’s wabble

when they learn to walk

till they obtain balance;

looking just like the astronauts televised moon walk,

before they get their sea legs

upon this water filled world.

Earth bound,

I was sitting on the back porch,

pinned by the gravity of the situation,

facing east, watching the sun set

when it dawned on me;

the house is going forward, backwards.


by Art~


no matter what direction you go this day

may you fare well