A stroll
along a path
beaten and worn
a soft patch of grass

Vine and vegetation
a green and brown wall
a trail through trees
that umbrella in awe
Where tall pines tower
over wide mingled oaks
and maple leafs paint colorful patches
on vertical white posts

walking I hear
a ‘click’ and a flutter
something darting
in the dense cover
landing and looking
back at me
a lil brown bird,
I do see

A tiny feather ball
hyperly hopping
from branch to branch
chirping and chirping
a soothing sound
this bird sang
echoed loudly
again and again

Little stick legs
grasping small limbs
white little belly
yellow beaked grin
a chirp and a hop
and a leap into the air
a moment in time
with a lil’ bird shared


by Art~


have a wonderful day