I found this in my old writes and felt it goes well

 with the story I will post next! Wokun


Zen of the blade

by Art~

Read a man’s life…
by seeing his knife,
a tool of tools
that shows,
wisdom or fool
a man’s knife
tells a lot
about how
he conducts his life.

steel and Flesh
don’t mesh
Caesar would probably
ban the blade
stabbed in the back
verbal display
it’s not a game
it’s a schrade

Mother said,
“Don’t play with knives.”
Look in the kitchen
cutlery wheeling wives
(just ask a Bobbit!)
a must in the days
of the ‘Hobbit’

Ask a woman
to see her brush
ask a man
he’ll probably blush
or hand you a comb
the same way he
handles a knife
we’re all item prone

Some are into
rings and watches
I personally don’t like
knifes with ‘knotches’

ask a man to see his knife
but don’t ask to use his wife
or the knife will rise
its just not wise
a man without a knife,
may surprise you!

Most men are cut
from the same cloth
Here are some tips
to tell a man’s demise
or rather he is wise…

…You can tell a lot
about a man’s life
Just ask to see his knife!

the Test!

Ten ways to read
a man/woman with a knife
(My personnel philosophy)

Ask, “Can I see your knife?”

Where is it kept?

In their pocket? (thoughtful)
On their hip? (bold)
Or the size of a small sword, (war lord)
or in their purse?
(beware a woman with a blade
or a man with a knife in his purse)

How is it handed to you?

gentle (kind),
whipped open (with intimidation in mind),
or tossed (with out care)

It’s brand and style?

be it horn or if it’s wood,
solid metal or pictorial flare.
(nothing more than their character)

Brand name (shows understanding of quality,
steel, stature and lasting durability)

five and dime (dulls easily, rarely used,
or probably shouldn’t have possession
of such a tool, unknowledgable)

Size and shape?

Size doesn’t matter…
shape truly does.
The best known cutting tool on the planet
is a one and half inch box cutter-blade (tool)
The best deer/animal skinning knife is three inches long and rounded.
Cutlery is for the kitchen … any thing else is just plain wishing.

large or size of a sword…(harmful intent, insecure)
if your defending something chances are you’ll
have a pistol. (or be Crocodile Dundee)

ask them what they use it for?
general purposes (good answer)
Cleaning fingernails…(use a nail clipper)
Tool? (they make tools for everything
from wire trimmers to chisels…this would
show their knowledge)

If they have a folded knife and hand it to you open, (careless and accident prone) BEWARE!
If its a fixed blade and they hand the blade
side to you (how are you supposed to grip it)?
(If they hold the steel and hand it to you…
the blade side away from them,
well handled and knowledgeable)

Sharp, new and unused, shiney
or beaten, dull, used a lot?

Apperance is not the key here
the razor’s edge is…

Ask them, “Who sharpens their knife?”

Has the knife sharpened by a professional (wise)
sharpens themselves (knowledgeable)
Dull and beaten blade (not practical)

A knife without a stone (dull minded)
is like a gun without bullets
a car with out gas … just doesn’t last as long (foolish)

Special circumstances…
Survival knives (are for survivalist in the wild
not in the streets)
Never pit a knife against a gun (fool)
Daggers and switch blades (beware)
throwing knifes (stay back as far as you can)

Any of these are men of stature,
(classical or monetary value)
History shows that civilization’s rise
has knives shrinking
swords getting longer
and bayonets are relics
ask a Marine to see his knife
he’ll show you his sword
kata’s performed
long knives
Bowie knives
wall collections

A mans knife may be his words…
sword of truth…shield of honesty
cuts you like a knife (spat)
cold steel and hot breath…
(dangerous, but some like it that way)
words are weapons of the pen,
he who fails to prepare … prepares to fail!
to walk the path of enlightenment
is as narrow as a razors edge

(my personnel favorite)
sharpen the knife,
like you hone the mind
each breath makes the mind sharper
sharpen the mind
train the body
enrich the spirit
Zen of the blade

You can tell a lot about a mans life … just ask to see his knife!

Arthur’s note:
(after writing this, inquiring minds wanted to know)

Top knives:
kershaw is rated number one
sharp brand
ginsu (also has the number one saw blades
due to the type steel used AND the teeth direction)
Gerber is a well rounded knife but the handles
break easily.
Old timer (classic)
OLE Henry (classic)
and several more…

diamond dust and ceramic are best
Arkansas stones (you really need to know
how to sharpen a blade to use this.
(DON’T use the sharpener so commonly
put on the back of can openers (please!)
angle the blade across the stone consistently
on both sides to ensure a true edge!
30 – 45 degree angle

When purchasing a knife look at the type steel
stainless steel is common (best)
but is it plated or solid?
Pakistan steel won’t hold an edge long
neither will China steel
but Japanese steel…is the ultimate, unmatched!

Inquiring minds:
I carry a Shrade… hip pocket held
(one of the top ten knife’s made)
…and an old timer handed down from my deceased
father…a good luck piece, memorabilia!
and yes I own several stones!
(What does that say about me?)

I taught knife removal to law enforcement!
(removal of weapons from an opponent…
…including pistols)

This grew into a lesson from a poem
but that is the way of Zen.

Zen of the blade,
is poetic in it’s own way!

Shimmering steel
from shrouded blade
ticks away the time
comfort of mind?
or release of blood
a little wittle
or hard slicing stab
handle grabbed
will it be a tool today
or pave death’s highway?
Zen of the Blade!


by Art~

I have swords and plan to never use them

but, they are kept sharp in case I have to.


As in anything in this world everything is subject
to opinions…this is mine!


this is an example of, ‘knife hand’

the best weapon in the world

a focussed mind

one of the best tools in the world

a knife

have a ‘sharp minded’ day