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I had read a post by Fergiemoto, called;

Creating My First Digital

 “Etegami”  and “Hanko”

This post was incredibly inspirational, for me and anyone who may dabble in art, photos, crafts and/or creative art work.

exerpt from Fergiemoto’s post;

It involves another form of traditional Japanese art called “etegami”.  Etegami is a Japanese word which means picture message/letter, which are “simple drawings accompanied by a few apt words.” 


exerpt from …

dosankodebbie’s etegami notebook


Etegami (e=”picture” tegami=”letter”) are simple drawings accompanied by a few apt words, done on a soft absorbent postcards. They are meant to be mailed off to one’s friends, not hoarded. They often depict some ordinary item from everyday life. Seasonal flowers, vegetables, and fruit are popular themes.

…reading these two posts about ‘Etegami,’ I was inspired to create my own ‘Art’ and here is what I came up with. However I feel I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet (because my drawings don’t seem to have that ‘Japanese’ feel to them yet) but as they say, Practice makes perfect. I hope you enjoy these and take it upon yourselves to go to Fergiemoto’s post and get inspired as well. The post has several links that help bring this Art to life.

here are a few I found on google


and here are my creations…

(click on pictures to enlarge)