Daniel Boone

Late one night, Daniel Boone and a friend went out fire hunting. Fire hunting involves the shining of the light from a fire pan (a pan full of blazing pine knots) into the woods. The light reflects in the eyes of the deer, which is too dazzled to run and the hunters can shoot it.

This night, as they neared a creek bed, Daniel Boone caught a glimpse of blue eyes shining in the darkness. He dismounted from his horse and aimed his rifle, but found himself unable to shoot. he had never seen a blue eyed deer. A rustle told him his prey had fled, and he followed it over a fence and into a meadow. The moonlight told him his “deer” had really been a young woman, and fate had kept him from shooting her. He followed her to the house, where he was met by her father, a close neighbor.

The father welcomed him in, and while they were still greeting one another, a young boy and girl burst into the room, babbling excitedly about their older sister’s adventures. She appeared in the doorway, still flushed from her flight, the light shining on her gold hair. Daniel Boone was smitten. Her father introduced her as Rebecca. Being a determined sort of fellow, Daniel proceeded to woo Rebecca as doggedly as he once chased her across the fields, and did not give up until he had won the heart of the maid.


(moral: love can be found in the strangest of places. Hunting deer, Ole Coon-skin-hat Boone found a dear. It is deer season and my advice to all is when you shoot, be sure of what you are shooting at before you pull the trigger. There are way to many who shoot at a hopeful rather than shoot at what they know. This is applied to life as well.)

food for thought

 In the book ‘Secrets of the Ninja,’ it touchs on the fact that people will see movement first, color second and then shape and form third.

How is it we see one image yet we have two eyes?

We call it a sun rise but really it is the earth that turns and the sun is stationary.

We call it a blue sky but really 15 miles up is space, dark/blackness.

and how did we come up with ‘deer’ and ‘dear’ when they sound the same and yet we have pipe (plumbing) and pipe (smoking apaaratice) and then there is sun and son.

this 1967 drawing shows Daniel Boone protcting his family

by Henry Schile

have a ‘dear’ day


have a straight shooting day