Zatoichi Monogatari
(A tribute to the Blind Swordsman)

by Art~

“You are like a candle,
as you melt,
you illuminate the world.”

Lost his sight when he was two years old,
when his minds eye thinks of his mother,
She is always young, even now that she is gone.

“A falling leaf does not hate the wind.”

Fumbling blind fingers reach
for a beautiful sound
an egg is found,
as a bird, away flutters.

“Mother bird come back,
you forgot you young.”

Ichi san kept it warm till the hatching was done.
In a little hatch basket it lived,
surrogate mother Ichi provided.

“Perhaps a falling leaf does hate the wind?”

In 6 seconds, six men will fall,
if their swords are drawn on Zatoichi san.

“A Samurai and his sword are the same.”

A humble blind mans walking cane,
cloaks a Dragons talon.

“A small fish caught up in the current.”

Bathed in blood so many times,
He wishes to know red.
How do you describe such a color?
To a man who has never seen the setting sun
Or a red maple leaf?

Drip drip drip drip

Ichi san smiles,
listening to the waters song.


(The infamous blind Samurai wandered the countryside of Japan in the early 1800s. The immortal ‘Star’ died in 1992. Zatoichis’ natural charm, wit and quick sword won the hearts of many in a series of 26 Japanese movies, in the 1960s.)

He was as mild mannered as Mr. Miagi of the Karate Kid and the swordsmanship of any Samurai. Traveling the country side spreading his charm with-out even trying. The film was such a great hit they made 26 movies using this character, directed by Kenji Misumi, is the first film of a classic Japanese samurai drama saga starring Shintaro Katsu as Zatoichi.

Shintarō Katsu


This Etegami inspired by; The Tale of My Heart

His blog/post…“Wise Man vs The Fool”

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