Rolling rubber
and Country Road
roller coaster
Through thicket
and wilderness
with new beginnings
at every bend.

Pointing fingers
smiling eyes
and throttle release.
Jerking head glances
natures majestic beauty
oh so deer.

Long perked ears
and polka-dots
attentive and cautious
as the car stops
fawn motionless
still as wood
till white tail
like a flag

Squeaking door
with helpful intent
for youth
energetically not
feet carry closer
leather boots
to an alert ear’s

Watery eyes
sniffling nose
of a fawn
slightly spooked
but glued
next to it’s mother
that was down
down a country road.




I could write a whole post on the sorrow, feelings and heart felt emotions involved with animals killed on the roads by automobiles. I do believe that as much money as we spend on highways and roads we could create barriers to ensure animals do not cross. Where I live, there are more deer than trees (it seems) My Mother would joke that my step-father spent thousands a year going deer hunting on leases and trips while she got two deer a year with the car.

The neighbors had found a fawn on the road as in the poem, they called the officials in this matter and had this fawn for weeks in a small pen and the kids walked it around with a lease like a dog till the Game Warden finally came and got it. Fawns are cute and appear so frail. No matter how many times I say be careful, some one will hit an animal with a car. I however, do like the commercial where the squirrels run across the road, dodging a car. I believe this is a test for young squirrels trying to get into a squirrel gang or a test of their manhood. Sure as the sun rises a squirrel will dart across the road in front of a car.

My daughter was watching T.V. last night and she looked up and said, “You know why the cat crossed the road?”

“No, why did the cat cross the road?”

“Because it was the chicken’s day off.” …(grin)


have a wonderful day