Dear Will:

I dare not tell
the men of musket and rye
that a poem was written
much less claim
it was I

For their views of worth:
a hundred yard bull’s eye
wrestling a bear
after a keg
of ale or rye

I drinketh not
and for that I am shunned
but they’re impressed
with my handling
of Griz and a gun.

That’s the way of the forest
where I reside
but by candle light
my words to paper fly
by day
they I must hide

To be
or not to be
maybe a choice
but my mind is drawn
to script of a pen

I am no Romeo
I have no Juliet
Perhaps I am dull
But poetry grasps me
like Hamlet holds a skull

Life’s tiny stage
you are known to rule
here you would be the fool
I feel you only know
how my pen is a tool

To remove my hand
would surely end my write
But that wouldn’t stop
the words inside
my tongue would improvise

I write you now
cause I feel you know
the inner beast
that gnaws at my prose
and scribbles in candle lite glows

Is there a cure
for my desires?
this need to write
an act or scene
or is it death or poetry?

My dear friend Will
I suffer a madness
in my head’s sphere
tonight’s write
to William Shakespeare





William Shakespeare, April 23, 1564 –April 23, 1616

He died on his Birthday (wow, what a present)

36 plays and 154 sonnets

I found this in my old writes. I worked with a band of… well, (my mother always said; If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.) So will just say, intellectually challenged. I mentioned I wrote poetry one day and I think they busted a gut laughing. That inspired the poem, DEAR WILL but the best part about it was they had a poetry contest on the radio station out of Lufkin Tx, that we listened to while working, so I entered this poem. It didn’t win, but it was read over the air waves as a runner up. They picked the top five and read them, this poem was one of those top five. I had forgotten all about this till I found it.

I also found a poem called Katrina’s Foot prints, about hurricane Katrina that I’ll post, it was selected and placed in a publication. This was all back when I wanted to be a poet, I was even awarded the honor of being the most influential poet on a poetry web site back in 2005. Now, I write zen tales and finally got a blog.

Allow me to take this moment to say that I have been to a few sites, forums and writing sites that did not have the inspiration and sharing of friends that I have found here at wordpress. It seems that most sites have way to many that want to bring you down so that they will look good and help them climb upward. I have found here a grand number of excellent writers that are willing to share their literary art, inspire and support others. That is a wonderful thing, thank you, to each and every one of you.

Now, go write something.

Have a poetic day