The Blue Heron of White Rock creek
is large, majestic and mystique
in unison with man it takes it’s stand

A harmony of song birds and rippled water
hypnotic stare across the river’s brightening
the day breaks and starts a new!

A silhouette as common as each morn
ancient golden eyes of a Blue Heron born
with a black crown feather torn

Permanent perch on a lone stump mid river
black and still as a statue
wisdom waiting with its beak to the east

Each morning I gaze in an awakening to the world
first I check the river for soft or fast swirls
then the Heron, my sentry on a watery field

Clear sky morns or winters cold gray scorn
feathers fluffed and head at chest
this Heron’s home, perch, post, nest

I can’t quite recall when this bird first appeared
everyday since its been starting its day here
all is right in the world when I see this Heron

This little spot on earth, our mornings sharing
If tomorrow starts with out me
I know there will be the River and a ‘Blue’ Heron





have a tranquil day