Hermit in a shell
against ocean swells
bluer than the sea

Sandy trails bled
over mountainous dunes
beaten by a woman with a broom!

Secluded rejuvenation
strengthened his legs
with weighted shoulders
carried his burden bed

Then picked up by a bird
carried across the burning beaches
to a merridian of kinship words

Dropped on his head
stars circled above
a crack in the hull
from a helpful gull

The Hermit was crabby
found a new shell
there he dwells
but not quite yet happy

A big gust of wind
rolled him over again
his legs stuck up in the air

The rains poured down
and he nearly drowned
he thought it would end right there

The tide came in
and swept him away
he still lives to this day.

A time or two he may have fell
but he strives and doing well
the Hermit in his shell

Art~  2004


Oppertunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in over-alls and it looks like work.

Thomas Edison