The Kreativ Blogger Award

Nominated for this Award by

J.C.V. (365days2bpublished)

bows (~_~) humble

thank you

For this award, I have to share 10 things that you may not know. Then I have to pass the award on to at least six (or more) other bloggers.

1) I live in heaven, well…Texas, (pretty close), where the weather is hell

2) I live on a river where I use to be a Hunting guide. I am a crack shot but now I enjoy doing my shoots with a camera.

3) Fishing, well, I do a lot of this and enjoy it. The fishing season is about to go into full swing and I hope it doesn’t effect my blogging (grin).

4) I have earned a 3 rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I got my degree from Marshall Tae Kwon Do and went on to have my own Martial Arts studio, Inner spirit Martial Arts ; Jefferson, Texas 2000 – 2003! I left the studio to my son and came back home, here.

5) I am now a Correctional Officer, I work with-in prison walls and it can be very challenging. How-ever I love my job.

6) With this blog and the telling of zen stories seems to have a lot of people believing I am Buddhist. I enjoy zen stories and poetry and all that they project but I was raised Baptist.

7) I have three grand babies. One of the most warming sensations in the world is to have a little one come running toward you calling, “Gran pa.” Makes me feel grand! I however am not that old.

8) How old? (I thought I heard that thought cross your mind) …52 and fit as a fiddle. (how fit is a fiddle?) I think your only as old as you feel and I tend to amaze people at what I can do for my age, funny thing is I don’t feel old. Vitality is the key. A body in motion, stays in motion.

9) I am married, to a wonderful woman, LuLu (louAnne) a country girl who is witty and has the ability to keep me on my toes. Along with my lil sunshine, Emma, my step-daughter who is eight going on eighteen.

10) I was born in Japan. I live in east Texas, so my wife calls me a japanese-redneck… (that makes me a rare breed). I am American, my father was in the service when I was born.

and now, to nominate six others for this award…Since it is a Kreativ Award, I can think of several off hand.

1) Tim CoffeyCaffeine for the Creative Soul, I think all that read Tim’s blog will agree, Tim has a creative way of bringing art to life from so many different angles with his daily posts.

2) FergiemottoCreativity Aroused not only have I learned the art of etegami from this blog but I am inspired by the nature pics and witty words placed with them.

3) Lorrelee … Articles of Absurdity I was impressed with her Christmas blog tree (check it out).

4) Pocket Perspectives blog… Reflections from a friend if there is any one that is creative, Kathy is, she makes these wonderful post with computer generated art and does YouTube videos as well. The blog is filled with wisdom which lures me to every post.

5) Cat ForsleyCatForsley.Me I can’t begin to tell you how amazed I am with Cat’s creative ability. Singer/song writer/poet/writer and I just now (making this post) discovered Cat’s celebrity status from YouTube. Bows (~_~) humble

6) The Outside Lane a creator of jewelry that fascinates me. Charities for hungry children and more. I am surprised that more haven’t found this blog but this will be a great time to do some finger pointing in her direction for someone who does so much for others and has that creative flare.

I could point a finger in so many directions when it comes to creativity, but I have chosen these six to carry on with ..

the Kreativ Blogger Award.


Happy Holidays

have a creative day