The Year of Enlightenment

(my prediction)


The Monster Nian

The word Nian, the modern Chinese word for “year,” was originally the name of a monster that preyed on people at night before the beginning of a new year. The beast Nian was said to have a large mouth capable of swallowing many people with one bite. The people were afraid and could not find a way to rid themselves of this dreadful beast. One day an old man appeared, offering to subdue Nian. To Nian he said, “I hear that you are very capable, but can you swallow the other beasts of prey on earth instead of the people who are by no means worthy opponents to you?”

So Nian proceeded to swallow as many of the beasts of prey on earth as possible, and soon after the old man, later discovered to be an immortal god, vanished riding the beast Nian. With Nian and the remaining beasts of prey scared into the forest, people began to enjoy life again. However, before leaving the people, the old man had told the people to place red paper decorations on their windows and doors at each year’s end to scare Nian away should he ever run loose again, because red is the color the beast feared the most.

From then on, the tradition of observing the conquest of Nian was carried on from generation to generation. The term Guo Nian, which once translated to Survive the Nian today, today means to Celebrate the (New) Year as the word Guo in Chinese means both pass-over and observe. The custom of putting up red paper and lighting fire-crackers to scare away Nian in the case of his return is still around today, though the people have long forgotten the origins behind this tradition.

Year of the Dragon
I am an unquenchable fire,
The center of all energy,
The stout heroic heart.
I am truth and light,
I hold power and glory in my sway.
My presence
Disperses dark clouds.
I have been chosen
To tame the Fates.


2012 Year Of The Dragon

The Dragon

The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend. A symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power, the Oriental Dragon is regarded as a divine beast – the reverse of the malicious monster that Westerners felt necessary to find and slay. In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is said to be a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority. Therefore, those people born in Dragon years are to be honored and respected.


the Chinese zodiac and animal signs according to the year you were born

good bye to 2011

Why I say, 2012 will be the Year of Enlightenment. For several reasons actually; I have gathered zen stories of enlightenment and inspiration for nearly 12 years now. That would actually mean that I began collecting zen stories since the last year of the Dragon in 2000 (collecting stories to tell the class during the cool down period of Martial Arts training.) I have for the purpose of this blog nearly posted all these stories, therefore it is time to write, hunt for more and enhance my own personal enlightenment that I will share here on the blog Zendictive.

(Enlightenment, the wisdom with-in, the knowledge of awareness, I will make it my personal goal to enlighten the world, one story at a time. Zen = the state of being; one with the universe. This will be my year of enlightenment)

I was taught that this symbol means;

wisdom of the dragon

strength of the tiger

(the fist is tiger and the open hand is dragon)

We are all dragons and tigers, allow the wisdom to grow and only become a tiger when it is necessary.

enters the dragon


Happy New Year