Speeding through your life… ~by Art   2012

A grandfather and his grandson were mending fences in the back pasture. The grandfather sat on the tail gate of the truck and watched proudly as his grandson twisted the wire together. The bobbed-wire had been pulled apart in the last storm and the two of them were making their rounds along the fence to ensure the cattle could not get out.

“Okay, old man, there ya go!” The grandson bellowed as he stepped away from his work. The teen was smiling as he turned toward his grandfather boasting. “Let that big bull try and plow through this part of the fence.” The grandfather grinned. “So, are we done?” The grandson asked.

“Nope,” the old man snickered. “Not until we go over there and back.” The grandfather pointed to the opposite side of the pasture. The grandson looked to where the old man was pointing his finger.

“What? All I have to do is go to the far side of the pasture and back? Then we are done for the day?” The young man asked.

“Yep,” the old man stated while shaking his head ‘yes.’ The grandson pulled his gloves from his hands as the old man started walking toward where he had pointed. The teen dropped his gloves and began to run toward where the grandfather had pointed. The teen ran so fast that he cleared half the pasture in no time at all, while the old man took his time. Walking at an average pace, looking at the horizon, the trees along the fence line and down toward the cattle, that were huddled around the pond.

The young man reached the other side of the pasture and began running back toward the grandfather. The boys pace was unwavering, like a marathon runner looking for the finish line.

 The grandfather took his time, one step after the other, pacing himself as if he had all the time in the world. The teen began to get close to his grandfather, yelling out, “hurry up old man. You going to take all day? We’ll never finish at the pace your going.” The young teen stated as he ran up to his grandfather and stopped, out of breath and panting.

The grandfather walked up to the grandson and smiled as he slowly walked past him. “I’m going to go to the truck and wait for you.” The young man barked as he gasped for breath.

“I suppose you don’t want your pay!” The grandfather snickered.

“My pay?” The teens ears perked up. “You have never given me pay for my work before. Are you teasing me?” The young man asked as he stood up tall and started walking toward his grandfather, curious what he meant. He caught up to the old man and began walking with him. “What’s this about my pay?” The grandson asked.

“Did you see anything on the wire when you reached the fence?” The old man asked the teen.

“See anything? On the fence? I didn’t know I was suppose to be looking for something on the fence.” The grandson replied. The old man stopped walking and turned to face his grandson.

“Let’s say that over there is when you were born.” The old man pointed back to where the truck was parked and they had been mending the fence. “And let’s say that over there is when you die.” The old man pointed at the fence where the grandson had ran and turned around. “If you run through life going from point ‘A’ (a baby) to point ‘D’ (death) you will miss all that is in between.” The grandfather leaned down and picked up a wild flower and raised it up toward his grandson. “You miss a lot of beauty when your in a hurry.”

“I was just trying to get done so I could go and shower and clean up before my birthday party tonight. I am going to be sixteen tomorrow and I am going to get my drivers license tomorrow…” The teen bellowed out proudly.

“That is why I am trying to teach you about speeding through your life.” The grandfather said while he began walking toward the far fence line again. The grandson followed while absorbing the old man’s words. “Take your time, smell the flowers rather than run them over,” the old man snickered.

“Yes sir,” the grandson said. The two of them were nearly at the fence when the boy asked. “So where is my pay?”

“You don’t feel as though the wisdom I just gave you is pay enough?” The old man asked. The grandson looked perplexed and disappointed as the two reached the fence. Just then the young man looked at the fence and saw a set of keys hanging on the fence. His face lit up.

“Happy Birthday,” the old man said with a big smile. The grandson reached out and pulled the keys from the fence and looked at them.

“But, these are the keys to your old truck. The 1968 classic! You never drive that beautiful piece of machinery.” The grandson said.

“No, they are the keys to your new truck. I figure some one needs to drive her and you earned it with all your hard work you did this summer on the farm.” the old man replied. The boy’s face lit up and a smile grew. “Now go and get my truck and come pick me up.”

The grandson started to run toward the truck and then stopped and turned. He looked at his grandfather with a huge smile on his face as he turned back toward the truck and walked across the pasture, slowly. The young man stopped and picked up a wild flower and waved it toward his grandfather who wore a large size smile.


Life is like a coin….

Pleasure and pain are the two sides

only one side is visible at a time.

But remember the other side of the coin is always waiting its turn.

May your steps be light today…