Sesshu Toyo and the rat
The artist and Zen monk who is known by the name of Sesshu is one of the greatest Japanese artists of all time. Born in Akahama (now part of Soja, Okayama Pref.) in 1420. The son of a samurai family, at the age of 10 he was packed off to the nearby Zen temple of Hofuku-Ji to train as a monk, and it was from this time that a famous story about him is set.
Apparently he was not a good novice, preferring to spend his time drawing rather than chanting the sutras, and one day as punishment for his misbehavior he was tied to one of the pillars in the temple hall. Later when a monk (or abbot) came to check on him he was startled by what appeared to be a rat on the floor in front of the bound Sesshu.
On closer examination it turned out that the rat was a very life-like drawing done by Sesshu using his toe to draw in the dust of the floor with his tears.

His artistic talent being recognized he was encouraged to follow his heart and so became the great artist he is known for today.

There is another version of the story that says that the rat drawing was so life-like it actually became real and chewed through the ropes binding Sesshu and freed him. (this sounds like a story exaggeration that was added to the story as the years went on)
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Sesshu Toyo is a prime example of how others may try and tie you to their way of thinking and bind you to reform and yet with perseverance it is possible to show others that the fault lies with not accepting one for the way they are. His story, a zen monk back in 1420 and yet we as a society have learned so little from such an inspirational artist.

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may your day be filled with such perseverance