Lifeguards Saved From Shark Attack By Dolphins

On Oct. 30, 2004 a group of lifeguards swimming off the coast of New Zealand were protected from a shark attack by dolphins.
Lifeguard Rob Howes and three female lifeguards were on a training swim about 100 metres off Ocean Beach near Whangarei on the North Island. While they were swimming a pod of dolphins suddenly came steaming at them and started circling them. The dolphins bunched the four swimmers together by circling about 4-8 centimetres from them, and slapping the water with their tails for about 40 minutes.
Howes drifted away from the main group when an opening occurred, it was then he saw a great white shark about two metres away. When the shark started moving toward the women the dolphins went into hyper-drive. Howes said, “I would suggest they were creating a confusion screen around the girls. It was just a mass of fins, backs and human heads.” The shark left as a rescue boat neared, but the dolphins remained close by as the group swam back to shore.

Binti Jua, Female Lowland Gorilla Rescues 3 yr Old Boy

On August 16, 1996 in the Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, Illinois, a three-year-old boy climbed the wall around the gorilla enclosure and fell 20 feet onto concrete below, losing consciousness. Binti Jua, female Lowland Gorilla (and niece of Koko, the world famous gorilla that knows and communicates using American Sign Language), walked to the boy’s side and when another larger female gorilla approached, Binti growled at her. Binti picked up the child, and cradling him with her right arm, carried him 60 feet to an access entrance where zoo personnel could retrieve him. Her 17-month-old baby, Koola, was clutched her back throughout the incident. The boy spent four days in the hospital and recovered fully.

Gimpy The Elephant Seal Pup Saves Man From A Mauling

In a story submitted to Reader’s Digest, Hugh Ryono tells of how a female elephant seal pup named Gimpy saved him from a mauling by three aggressive seal pups. He describes Gimpy as a “gentle giant at 150+ pounds”.
One day he slipped and belly-flopped to the deck at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur, where he volunteered. As three aggressive seal pups started moving in, Gimpy came to his rescue. She became his shield against the other pups, and forced them away.

Elephants Rescue Antelope From Boma

In 2003 in Empangeni, Zululand, 11 elephants came to the rescue of a herd of antelope who were being held in a boma.
A private game capture company had been working on the Thula Thula Exclusive Private Game Reserve capturing antelope that were to be relocated for a breeding programme. Before relocation the antelope were being housed in a boma enclosure. That night a herd of 11 elephants approached the boma. The elephant herd circled the enclosure, then the herd’s matriarch Nana approached the enclosure gates and began tampering with the metal latches holding the gates closed. She carefully undid all the latches with her trunk, swung the gate open and stood back with her herd. The herd watched the antelope leave the boma and dart off before they walked off into the night.
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