A great sculptor was out and about searching for a stone that he could work on for his next sculpture. When he found one suitable to his liking he dragged it home and began working on it. Chipping away at it, sanding it smoothly and after several months he was finished.

Any and everyone who gazed upon this sculpting would say, “You have created a masterpiece.”

The sculptor would merely say, “I simply chipped away the pieces, the sculpture was already there.


Sculpting the mind

by Art~


All my life

I have chipped away pieces of me

like days

never to retrieve them again


sanding the rough edges

smoothing out a soothing feel

to that which I am liking


The pedestal I place my self upon is short

for “the farther a man’s feet are from the earth

the farther he is from himself”


chiseling perfection

only to hide the scars

where I have been hammered wrongfully

either by my own ignorance or from another’s


I marvel at marble memories

and the constant change in me,

daily I am chipping away at the pieces of me while

Sculpting my mind


food for thought

Perhaps the most famous statue in the world is the statue of David by Michelangelo.

In 1501 Michelangelo was commissioned to create the statue of David. He broke away from the traditional carvings of David who had slain Goliath, that was generally depicted with a severed head or wielding a sword with intense expressions. Instead, Michelangelo created a simple and elegant statue that empowers the idea of a youth with stature and grace.

I see it as a symbol, that the smallest of men can over come the greatest of obstacles. The infamous story of David and Goliath alone tells the tale of what a man can accomplish with courage. I see David as one whom remained humble after his name became famous across the land after his victory.

(a situation I was recently faced with, two goliaths… I think I know how David felt)


life is not about finding yourself

life is about creating (sculpting) yourself