Ups and Downs by Art~ 2012

A very young student followed the zen master across the garden. They passed through a gate and walked up to the play-ground. The young boy was delighted and said, “Alright, we get to play?”

“Today, we are going to learn about… life!” The master stated. He pointed toward the swing set and instructed the child to sit. With-out hesitation the boy ran over and plopped into the swing set seat. instantly he began swaying back and forth, going higher and higher each time.

The zen master watched and waited till the child was tired of the swing and asked to play on the tetter-totter. The zen master smiled and replied, “Sure!” The two walked over to the tetter-totter and both sat on opposite sides and began, going up and down, back an forth.

During the downward motion on the boys side, his leg swung under the seat and the long board came down on his leg. The boy cried out, “ouuuu!” and began to cry. The zen master hurried over and removed the boy from the tetter-totter. He sat him on the grass and inspected the youth’s leg and foot. “Your, okay!” The master stated.

“But it hurts!” The boy bellowed.

A few minutes later, the zen master asked the student, “Did you enjoy playing on the swing?”

“Yes,” the boy replied.

“… and the tetter-totter?” The master asked.

“Yeah, till  I squashed my foot.” He answered.

“This is the way of life.” The zen master began. “It is filled with ups and downs. It can be exhilerating, it can be as if we are flying high and swinging low. We will even be hurt now and again. One should absorb all its wonders, emotions and feelings, even pains. One should accept the highs as one accepts the lows and remember that when life is at a low it will again come to a high. For life is filled with ups and downs.”

“Can we go to the park again tomorrow,” the boy asked.

The zen master smiled, “Of course. Eager to get back into the saddle, I like that!”


(excerpt…) Learning to be the Eye of the Storm

I came upon this concept recently and it has been with me ever since. The concept is simple truth.

Currently, the belief is that one must learn to drown out all thought and establish such a level of peace and balance within our lives that there remains nothing that will disturb us. But, the nature of life is that it is continually flowing. The challenges and the goodpoints come at us and don’t usually stop.

The nature of our mind is that thoughts arise. The nature of our body is that it wants to move. And, this is OK.

When you stop thinking, and you stop moving…when life stops sending you challenges, this usually means that you’re dead.

Life sometimes brings us many storms. But, within each and every storm there is a center that remains always calm. Find your way to that center and build the ability to observe the raging winds and massive currents while remaining still.


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the most important ups and downs in our lives….

…our heart!

may your day be filled with more ups then downs